Colour printer for different sizes photographic quality images

Hi: I am looking at replacing my new colour printer so that I can print out photographic quality images for 3d architectural models. Currently am using an older HP Photosmart inkjet with black plus five colours but the blacks colour doesn’t print out nice so want to find a good printer that can properly print out decent different size photos for my clients. Have a home-based business so looking for something not too outrageously expensive (maybe up to $1000-1500 range). Any suggestions of models would be much appreciated … TIA. Barb

What size prints are you looking for? Photographic quality all depends on the resolution and size.

We have a large format printer for example and that budget would not even cover an ink replacement these days. :frowning: but I print A1 minimum.

Laser will save you a bunch of money in the longrun vs inkjet if you are printing a lot.

300dpi should be the minimum but it all depends on how much detail you need once you go over this number.

Here are some reviews : The Best Photo Printers for 2022

Mostly 4x6 and 8 x 11 1/2 prints. Thanks for the info… B

Am looking at the Epson’;s models P800 and XP15000…

I just bought an Epson P600 to replace a dying R3000. Virtually the same printer reincarnated. It prints up to 13"x19" and is a top notch photo printer, which is one of my requirements. A full set of inks is about $250 though. I used to have a 24" wide roll feed HP plotter, but after it died, I just send out for any prints larger than 13x19 to a print shop.

Thank you so much for your input - greatly appreciated - am looking at the Epson P800 that has the Epson UltraChrome® HD eight-color pigment ink set - bit pricey but Epson has a nice rebate offer of $500 for upgrading from any other brand … apparently ink costs $71 per cartridge… maybe there is a set of the cartridges that you can buy that might be cheaper (will look into it). Mostly will need to print 4x6 and letter size so larger is just a bonus option… Thank you again, Cheers, Barb

I very nearly bought the P800, but fell back to the 600 in the end, partly because I’ve already laid out a bunch of money lately for other hardware as well. One of the biggest “improvements” in the new models is their ability to prevent you from using third party inks, but people are still working at it. Check out this page of accessories and this DIY video, if you want to be fully informed about it.

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thank you for the info…B