Closing curved 3D solid

Hello, I can not close a front curve of my design/project 3D (see image attached)

Please help me, I’m going crazy.

Thank you

leva_moto.skp (221.0 KB)

There are enough things wrong with your model, that just closing up the opening won’t be enough to fix it. Hang on a little bit while I go over it.

I was going to write the steps up to fix it, but I gotta run… so here is the file… Merry Christmas!

leva_moto-Fix.skp (232.2 KB)

Wow … I’m Very Happy. Thank you very much and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

If you come to Naples (Italy) Your Pizza is paid by me

Thank you

I hope calmly explain the solution. Thank you

Darn… You both beat me to it!!

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Unfortunately, the push / pull tool does not allow me to create a groove for the passage of the air lever wire.

Come Can I Create It?

Thank you

I did pretty much the same as Dave, but he (as usual) beat me to the post.

leva_moto.skp (192.0 KB)


thank you. very much

This is the drawing? Right?

Thank you

I’m not sure who you are asking…

The skp I saved and uploaded has the tapered notch already cut into the part

Yes…I wanted an explanation. :slight_smile:

He sees it as a foreign body, why?

So I can not delete the geometries


I can think of two possibilities. If you didn’t draw your wedge starting with a copy of the edge curve of the main part, or didn’t move it into position paying close attention to inferences, it may not actually be perfectly on the surface of the main part.

But more likely, you haven’t put all of the edges and faces into the same edit context (i.e. open group or component). In the attached animation, I already created a second narrow wedge and made it a component. When I move it into position and open the main component for edit, you can see that it does not cut the surface of the main component. Then I exploded it and Edit->cut all the resulting loose edges and faces (which are pre-selected upon explode). Next I opened the main component for edit and invoked Edit->Paste in Place. As you can see, once everything is in the same context, the edges cut the surface as expected. Because the wedge was drawn to exactly match the surface, in this particular case an intersect faces operation wasn’t needed.

You will see that a small face got lost, almost surely because I didn’t bother to scale this up before doing the operations, but it was easy to repair. And I didn’t bother to clean up the little tail sticking out at the end of the slot.

thanks for your guidance I was able to accomplish, now I increased groove depth but can not eliminate small portion, why?

Thank you

leva_moto_depth2.5mm.skp (303.2 KB)

You need to separate the surfaces from the geometry you wish to keep.

Expose the hidden geometry that makes up the curved surface and for the surface separation by tracing the edgework.


Thank you. very much

Hello, I have to do this last change, I felt alone, but I can not, I’m a beginner.

perhaps too hard for me.

I still hope for your help.

Thank you

leva_moto_depth2.5mm_26122016_2.skp (294.3 KB)

Hello, I did a good job?

Thank you

leva_moto_depth2.5mm_28122016_2.skp (288.0 KB)