Clearing Inferences to Hidden Geometry

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As discussed in the linked topic, there is a ‘bug’ with the way the inference engine treats hidden geometry. As @Geo remarks, “the Inference Engine dynamically retains a certain number of previous inference points.
If the geometry is subsequently hidden those previous inferences briefly remain in focus. That is, until user actions shift inference focus to other things.”

However, I would argue that if a user toggles hidden geometry visibility off, she expects all reference to that geometry to go away. Certainly it’s bizarre when a tool snaps to invisible points. The engine could remedy this by flushing stored inferences when visibility is turned off. It works with layers anyway!

Here’s a video of the ‘bug’: Sketchup bug - Inferenced Hidden Geometry - YouTube

Hi @JoutlawPhysics. As I pointed out in the previous post, you are using SketchUp Make 2016. The inferencing engine has changed quite a bit in the release version (2017). So much so that the video you have cannot be reproduced in the release version!

First rule of software testing; Make sure you are testing the most recent version :wink:


Unfortunately, I’m running an unsupported OS for 2017. Oh well, guess I need to upgrade!

There’s an extension for that…

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Actually guys @JoutlawPhysics has a good point. And possibly a big apology in the offing.
If you hide something, no layers, no Houdini involved, the inference will still find it.

Have a look here. Created and hidden, no problem, but interfered with like a sheep with hidden geometry on and then you just can’t get rid of the sheep. This is 2017.

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Well how about that!

Please disregard my previous post! :flushed:

@TheOnlyAaron, I was fighting this with one hand tied behind my back and half-blind to boot. Let’s just say I was ready to call the day yours!

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On the contrary, I find this ‘bug’ claim has several glaring fallacies.

• Much of SU’s Inference behavior is view based.
• One encourages an Inference by hovering a tool over one or more points of interest.
• The Inference Engine retains previous inference points until user actions shift inference focus.


  • The camera remains static throughout your demonstration.
  • You expect the Inference Engine to ‘let go’ and move on to other points of interest where none exist.
  • Yet all the while, you repeatedly hover the line tool over the most recent points of interest.

Refocusing the Inference Engine is akin to working with a dog.
To shift its attention; you need to show it something new.
Fortunately, it’s ability to retain focus is better than a Beagle.

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