Circles becoming lines by accident

I am doing my thing with circles and shaping them and pulling and making groups and maybe exploding the group for some reason etc. Then I go back to an area I worked on and some circles are continuous and some are now individual lines and I wonder what I could be doing to make that happen because it isn’t consistent. In the picture, the blue is continuous and the the ovals at the red arrows are now lines and it is very frustrating. I want to go back and massage things some more and now I am screwed. Thanks.

Print2.pdf (84.7 KB)

Can you upload the SKP?

There are some sorts of operations that will cause circles to be exploded. Could be you’re doing one of those.

Try this

Engine.skp (467.1 KB)

The curves that are exploded aren’t circles due to the way they are made. You could use a weld plugin to weld them together.

I used TIG-Weld.

But they came from the circle that is still a circle. Oh well, I guess I will just have to be more careful I guess, but I have run into this a lot and I don’t know what changes.

Should have known there was a add-on for that. Thanks.

The exploded edges aren’t coplanar so they can’t be circles.


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Now I remember. Yes, I knew the other curved circle wasn’t coplanar, but you reminded me of how I may have created the other circles. I sometimes use a sphere and subtract it from the model to get the shape I did. That must of been what I did. Sorry. Now I understand. Thanks. Learned a new add on today.

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By the way, most of the faces in your model are inside out. You should fix that. I know it is cool to add materials to your model as you go along but I would suggest you don’t do that because the materials can mask problems like the reversed faces. Leaving problem until later just creates more work for you.

I think I tricked you on that one. I use solid inspector constantly and it tells me when things are reversed. No, you are seeing the layer color Gray. Yes, I know - draw on layer 0, but sometimes when I explode the group it goes to the layer I put it on rather than going back to layer 0. Rather annoying.

I don’t think so. Here I’ve change the style to my default with the green back face color. Most of the faces in your model are reversed.

You shouldn’t have to explode groups very often but when you do, the very first thing you should do while the geometry is still selected is set it to Layer 0 in Entity Info. Evidently that didn’t happen with this as evidenced by the blank Layers field.

Once you’ve corrected the problems you should see all white faces on the outside and all of the geometry will show as being on Layer 0.

Surprised the solid inspector didn’t catch that. I really don’t put texture on things because I am doing this for 3D printing, but this is good to know. Thanks.

It did here when I went back to the original state of your file.