Change color of walls and roof

Hi all,

Question; how can I change the colors of the walls and the roof?
I have imported an ICF file and selected the parts (walls and roof) and filled it with the correct color with the paint bucket but that does not apply the color.
I have a few layers and selected them all but without any luck.
Here is a pic of my SketchUp:


check that you’re not in “color by layer” mode, have you tried to toggle some of the other modes

I know IFC file information doesn’t transfer the textures, so that is where the problem lies, in my opinion

I know there has been a request for SketchUp to make more information available on IFC formatting and related file interchange, so hopefully someone with more knowledge on this will chip in here

Thanks for the suggestion.
I checked if Color by Layer is enabled, but it’s not.

did you try painting Faces?

or editing the material to change it there…


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