Can't purchase Sketchup

Recently my 30-day free trial expired and I was going to buy Sketchup Pro from the website. However, whenever I attempt to checkout and complete my purchase, I’m met with an indefinite loading screen. It’s no issue with my internet - I’ve attempted to purchase Sketchup on multiple browsers, computers, and even by logging in with either a Google or Trimble account, but I’m always stuck on the infinite loading screen.

I’m not sure what’s causing this, but it’s been happening for a few days now. It seems it’s having trouble logging into my account and accessing the cart to complete the purchase, but like I said, I’ve attempted this with both my Google and Trimble account and have encountered the same issue. Is there some sort of server issue going on?

The best option might be to fill in this form:

Buying SketchUp can be done over the phone. If you’re in the US, make sure to mention which state you are in. There are different sales people for different parts of the country.

I will tell my colleagues about the page loading problem you saw.

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