Can't open my 2018 project anymore


I use ketchup for a long time ago for my school but I have a problem,

I was working on the 2017 version but I recently install the free 2018 version.
Today I tried to open my project but the app tell me that my SketchUp evaluation period was over.

Now, all my project can’t be open in previous version and I can’t open the 2018 version to save them in previous one.

Did I just lost all my work ?
is there a way to convert project to previous versions ?

thanks for help :slight_smile:

Upload them, using a browser, to the 3D Warehouse. Then download them in whatever older version you wish to keep them in, back as far as 2014.

When you click on the Download button, you get a choice of version to download:


thank you !!!

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