Can't install plugin??

Hi! This error appears when SU starts. As far as I understand there is some problem with tt_subd plugin from ThomThom. When I delete it the problem disappears. And when try to reinstall this plugin again the problem comes back. I use SketchUp 2021 version. can you help me? Thank you very much

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This is perhaps a permission issue, typically happens when SketchUp does not installed properly.

  • Uninstall that plugin.
  • Close SketchUp.
  • Make sure no other instance of SketchUp is running. (Perhaps restart your computer)
  • Find your downloaded installer file - (or download a fresh copy from here: SketchUp Pro 2021) - right click on that installer file and chose Run as administrator.
  • When prompted chose Repair. Let the repair finishes.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Start SketchUp and install the plugin. (make sure it is the latest version)
  • Close SketchUp.
  • Start SketchUp.

thanks for your help it worked.
Thanks again… :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


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