Can't find model saved approx 1 year ago

Using sketchup free (web) and saved it/open it allright back then mayby 10-12 months ago. But Now it’s empty on my trimble account. I have changed computer since then, but I thought the data was saved on the web…? is there a time limit for “inactivity” ?

I see that you signed in today with the email address that you use in the forum. That created a new Free account. Whatever you did a year ago was with a different account. I haven’t yet found a different email address for you, but if you can sign in with other email addresses that you may have used back then, the old models should show up.

I figured it out. A year ago you signed up with your email address. I didn’t find it at first because your name for that account has no accent in the o (o instead of ö). Your new account does use ö.

So, sign in with your email (using a non-accented o), and the old models should be there.

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Thanks! spot-on… found the model on the “other” user id

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