Cannot Upload Sketchup Models

I am trying to upload a 2018 Sketch Up Pro model to the warehouse and when I attempt, I receive a pop up that reads “oops! an error occurred”
I have tried with several other models, all under 50MB size and not success. I am using a Mac Desktop

How large is the SketchUp file?

I tried on another computer and it worked. The file is 23MB

I have a similar problem.
The model is generated with SketchupPro 2019, it is 1.1MB
The “OOPS! Something went wrong while uploading your model” pops up.

I tried to upload several times. It failed the same way.
I cant figure out what’s wrong!

P.S. I chose this older thread because I couldn’t find anything helpful so far by searching and, by title and problem, matches what I’m looking for. I think the answers should be kept together.

The OP tried on another computer, did you, too?

And … are you trying to upload from inside SketchUp (it’s Chrome dialog window) …
… or from outside SketchUp (and if so please state browser and version.)

Some times these errors can go away if you log out and log back in. (Resets things.)

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Yes, I tried both at the office and at home, from different computers.

Both computers have Windows10.

I did not try from SketchUp. I tried from 3dwerehouse directly. I’m using Edge.

Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0

Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134

I’ll try from SketchUp too …

Edge has troubles with the login, try another browser, or from within SketchUp.

See the Alert on this page:


Yes, I tried logout/login from 3dwerehouse, with no effect …

From Edge same error:
from Chrome it’s ok:

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I tried from inside SketchUp, it worked.
It seems that the Microsoft Edge is the problem (on both computers I used the Edge).

I’m yet to try directly from a different browser … until then it shows that the alert is still valid!

Thank you !!


Thanks everybody for the fast responses!


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