Cannot sign-in from inside SU model

Has anyone else tried to sign into either the Extension Warehouse or the 3D Warehouse from inside SU and being denied…?? This this the screen shot of the message box for both of them.

I have tried 5 times in the last hour and keep getting the same message…??? Any help…??? THANKS!!

I was just able to sign-in to the extension warehouse, I wanted to update the soap/bubble/skin tool. It just let me sign-in, but still cannot from the 3D Warehouse selection…??? WEIRD…

Yes, I saw that this morning. Then I went through the log in dialog by clicking the little man icon at the left of the SketchUp status bar. It logged in fine, and thereafter I could use the Extension Warehouse without issue from inside SketchUp.

Thanks Dan… I tried the small man icon and it got me into the Extension Warehouse. It still only offered the auth. error message when I try to sign-in to the 3D Warehouse?? Even though I am signed into SU and the Extension Warehouse. No real damage caused by it… SU still works but it maybe leading to a bigger issue down the road. Thanks for the time and …Peace…

We have seen some issues with some users having issues logging into the Warehouse. Please see the forum thread found here: Authentication error - #13 by Rich_E and see if it helps.