Cannot find active subscription license to add Sketchup 2024 to a new computer

I’ve been a license holder for 15 years and am now on a subscription license with the 2024 version of Sketchup Pro. I just bought a new laptop and want to use Sketchup Pro 2024 on it. I’m able to locate an email from 2017 with my authorization and license info, but it doesn’t work. I’m not actively running Sketchup on the old computer, but it is still on that computer.
How do I locate the current authorization and license numbers so that I can run it on my new computer? As long as I’m not actively running it on the old computer, can I still have access to it on that computer?

You install and then sign in to 2024 using the email you gave when you bought the subscription. There are no longer license numbers or activation codes. Also, permanent licenses were always for a specific version; a 2017 license will not work for anything else.