Can’t zoom in plan view

'When I zoom into a drawing in plan view it slowly zooms back out automatically?

A misbehaving mouse?

There was a mouse wheel related zoom issue. Can you check if you’re on the latest version of 2023.1.3?

There also are two other cases where something like you describe would happen, but I don’t think that is what you’re seeing.

(realized later that the mouse wheel issue was on desktop, so not likely to affect iPad)

Here’s another possibility…
The gestures for SketchUp for iPad include a “quick-pinch” gesture that is mapped to Zoom Extents. If your nimble fingers aren’t cool with that, you can modify the gesture settings as shown here:

Thanks guys. I am using an ipad so there is no mouse. I’m spreading two fingers to zoom n. Then when I raise my hand away it slowly goes back to where it was