Can’t create new project

Obviously I’m completely new to sketch up but I’m completely stuck.
Every tutorial says I need to create a new project, fair enough… it’s not there and I don’t understand.
I just have the option to open a project but I haven’t created any?
Thanks in advance

I do not have my iPad with me… but : Most likely you do not have a subscription yet, therefore the SketchUp for iPad is starting as a viewer. (So, you can only see an existing model and can not create new or edit existing one.)

If you already have a Trimble account and an active SketchUp subscription, you’re ready to go: you can log in with that email and password!

If not, you can purchase a 1-year SketchUp Go subscription through the App Store. Or purchase a Go, Pro, or Studio subscription at

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Hi @rwvgxphdx2 – based on the screenshot that you attached above, it appears that you are using the app on your iPhone.
At this time, the SketchUp app capabilities are limited to viewing models. The phone app does not offer the ability to create or edit models.
Hopefully, that helps answer the questions – even though it’s probably not the answer you wanted.

I paid for the subscription and it even shows under my settings that I paid for it, but it will not let me create a new project, it keeps sending me to subscription to buy but I already bought it. After new download is when this started

Can you say what subscription you paid for, and what way of signing it you used? At the moment I only see the Free version assigned to your hotmail account, but if you signed in with Microsoft, for example, that might then show up differently for me.