Can someone help make this shape for me

Hi there ive been trying to make a model but am struggling with the design I think this shape could work, is anyone able to make me this shape, thank you !

Is that a parabola of revolution / a paraboloid?

If you can create the parabola, you can then use the FollowMe tool to create the solid shape.

See How to draw a parabola and its focal point? for a Bezier curve plugin to create the parabola.

Or the plugin CurveMaker will draw one.

There’s also a plugin nz_parabola on the Extension Warehouse, and a trial is free.

For example (drawn with CurveMaker):

Paraboloid.skp (66.0 KB)
If you can be more specific about the shape, I could try to draw it for you.

If you aren’t worried about the mathematically accuracy of a parabolic shape, you could just stretch a sphere.
Pulled sphere

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…to make an ellipsoid.

I’ve made a parabola before. It’s on my list of little YouTube videos to make. No time right now, but here’s a visual set of steps.

  1. Make a cone
  2. Make a vertical plane
  3. Rotate it to match the slope of the cone
  4. Move it to the center of the base
  5. Intersect the plane with the cone
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Actually, to look at it, the ellipsoid might be a closer match. Sides of a parabola never become vertical in slope.