Can I opt to "ignore" the scale (for edits) of a copied/scaled component after it's scaled?

This one is a bit hard to explain. I am trying to make drawing doors more efficient.

I was hoping I could make a slab/plain component and call it “door”. Then, copy and scale that “door” component to fit all my openings. Then after, I want to go in and add the trim and detail.

So for instance: if I want to then add a 3" stile/rail detail to all the doors, I’d take one of my component copies and use the offset tool @ 3" then the push tool to recess the center panel. Problem is though, when I do that on one door, the copies of that component don’t give me an exact 3" perimeter, it’s all scaled according to how I originally scaled the door. If that makes sense.

Then, if I need to go back and change the detail of the door, I can change it on one and it changes it on all of them the same regardless of how much they were scaled.

Is it even in the realm of possibility to do what I’m trying to do?

See example here:

I understand what you want to do but yes, it’s not possible for the reason you identify. You could use a dynamic component for that though.

I was wondering if I might be able to use dynamic components… I’ve never used them but thought it sounded promising anyway.

From what I’ve found though, I might still have some issues with sizing? In most cases with sizing cabinet doors, I’m scaling both height and width at the same time. Would I be able to make a component (let’s call it “door”, with dynamic components nested inside) where only dynamic nested component A (let’s call it “stile”) resizes when I scale along blue axis and only dynamic nested component B (let’s call it “rail”) resizes when I scale along the green axis?


Would it just be a case where I need to make separate “door” components for my varying heights then make a dynamic component nested in each that locks just one axis at a time?

Thanks so much for your help, I’ve been trying figure this out forever. So much time spent making cabinet doors :crazy_face:

You can create a Dynamic Component that will allow you to edit overall height and width separately, AND also separately change the stile and rail widths and thicknesses, and even the number of stiles and rails.

Here’s an example set up to draw softwood frames, without any door panel, to give you something to start from. It’s saved back to v2017, so you should be able to open it in v2020. I created it a few years ago.

R-click on the component and choose Dynamic Components/Component Options to change its size. It should work in either Feet and inches, or metric, depending on your Model Info/Units settings, but its preset sizes are set in inches.

Frame DC.skp (70.6 KB)

R-click and choose Dynamic Components/Component Attributes to see how to edit the way it works.

Look on the Sketchup YouTube channel for guidance on developing your own DCs, and in particular for one that shows how to create a frame or door with rails and stiles.

It is set up to use softwood, chosen by nominal dimensions, for UK softwood. That allows 1/8" or 3mm planing allowance for nominal dimensions up to an inch, and 1/4" or 6mm for larger dimensions. US and Canadian softwood has larger planing allowances - 1/4" and 1/2" respectively.

If you are working in hardwood, and want to be able to specify finished sizes, you’d need to change the input options to accept lengths instead of a dropdown list of nominal sizes.

Here’s another example from the 3D Warehouse, which has a raised panel, in which rails and stiles are the same width, and you have a choice of shapes of the panel.
IMPORT this model, DON’T OPEN it, to get the DC options when you R-click on the selected component.

Dynamic Cupboard Door.skp (341.1 KB)

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This is game changing, thanks a million John! I’ll check out youtube to figure out how to build my own dynamic components but just having a dynamic raised panel door solves almost half of my pain. I was using a follow-me profile to make my raised panel doors. Only took about 1 minute per door but still, that adds up!

OK, one more question to add to this: If I go through and add all the “dynamic doors” and at some point in the design I need to change all my raised panel doors to recessed panel doors, is there any way to change (just the panel style) for all doors at the same time or would I need to click each individual one? I just played around with it - I selected all the doors at once and changed in “component options” but it looks like if I change the panel style for all of them at once, I also have to pick a common dimension which overwrites the previous dimension set.

is there any way to change (just the panel style) for all doors at the same time

Not that I know of. But I’m no expert in DCs. @pcmoor knows much more than I do and may be able to help you better

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You do require an extension:
slight variation of TT`s component replacer to include redraw for DCs

Then using double wrap DCs with lenx, leny set to current one can swap multiple instances in the same context

the two DCs
flush door.skp (16.8 KB)
front panel door.skp (25.8 KB)
these and the like can be swapped individually using the right click menu, DCs/swap