Can I feed realtime coordinates to objects in Sketchup

We have a 2D+ mapping application and I was wondering if we could extend our GUI offering to 3D by having customers buy SketchUp Pro and we’d build a TCPIP plugin to move the vehicles around the 3D model defined in Sketchup ?

Is that possible ?

Further can Sketchup publish events if users interact with some of the vehicles?

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Martin Politick.

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The Ruby API has observers which can be attached to component instances (which is what Dynamic Components are.)

They can fire if the entity changes, moves or the user changes some property.

But this notification only happens locally within the SketchUp process. Any extra-process communication would need to be created by you.

… perhaps using one of the supplied Ruby Standard libraries:
perhaps a WEBrick server:

Be sure to take note of:

… and the SketchUp API abstract Animation class: