Can I alter a group to make changes to a copy and not the original


I’m trying to show alternative designs to a Shop Counter. I made the original into a group but can’t seem to make and edit a copy, i.e. when I deselect the first group I lose all copies as well. Any suggestions


You can edit groups independently, maybe your “groups” are components? You can make a component unique in its context menu… but I’m not sure if this is the question. Do you have an example image or model?


Hi Tony,

It seems your description/terminology has us a bit confused.
Perhaps these tutorials will help answer your question.
Feel free to ask follow-up questions.

The array powers of the Move and Rotate tools…


Hi GeorgeThanks you so much for getting back to me . It’s the first time i’ve ever used a forum like this so I wasn’t sure what to write. I think in this case that I have solved the problem. What I was trying do was to set up some scenes that I could quickly show my client - the same perspective but with two different types of reception counters. When I copied the first counter ( which I had made into a group and saved as a layer ) to then alter it for a second design style, I found that I couldn’t deselect Counter 1 without also deselecting counter 2. I realised that I hadn’t saved counter 2 as a separate layer!Sketchup is a wonderful program but it’s frustrating when you make little mistakes that can impact in a big way.Once again that you for your time RegardsTony


Hi Tony,

You didn’t mention using layers until now.
Perhaps you’ve read this already. If not, here you go! :smiley:
Required reading before using Layers in SketchUp:
Does SketchUp Support Layers? — SketchUp Documentation w/ Video