Can copies inherit layer?

I want to spawn x copies of a group within a dynamic component. I set the first instance of the group to a layer, but the copies don’t inherit the layer when they spawn. Since the number of these copies is supposed to be dynamic, setting the layering individually isn’t a viable option. Is there a way to set the layer in attributes that would be passed along to the copies?

Sounds like a bug that layers aren’t copied.

Anyhow, applying the layer to a wrapping group/component instead of the instances should probably work.

That’s how I built the model originally. Unfortunately the report generator has a bug where it can’t see the copies if they’re wrapped like that. So, for now, I have to keep them within the parent component along with other geometry on different layers.

I am having the same problem. The original component is on the appropriate layer, but the copies show up on layer 0. The copies really should retain the layer of the original.

if you change the default layer to the one you want before activating / changing the copies, the newly formed copies will be on the selected layer, however remember to change back to the default layer0 before making a mess of your model

That’s a good tip, but can’t be considered a permanent solution as it effects the layer of the parent when pasting, and doesn’t handle the situation of needing 2 different sub-components on different layers to copy from within the same parent. The layer really needs to be inherited for this to be intuitive.

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