Cadworks into Pro 2016

Hi folks, is it possible to import cadworks piping into pro 2016? it is just invisible everytime I try. any help would be great.

I am not a Cadworx user, but its site says it is an extension of AutoCAD and uses AutoCAD’s file format, which can imported into SketchUp. So, there must be something specific to their usage of the format or the nature of the model you are importing that is preventing you from seeing it. Can you upload a sample dwg that causes this problem?

we have Cadworks in house and just cant seem to get the piping to show up when imported into the Sketchup model. not sure if its something we are missing at the cadworks end or Sketchup pro

It probably uses its own data structures inside AutoCad (as do other “vertical” AutoCad extensions like AutoCad Architecture) so the objects are probably visible only in AutoCad with Cadworx or an object enabler installed.

You should check if Cadworks has a similar “Export to AutoCad” function as AutoCad Architecture to convert the objects it has created into conventional 3D AutoCad geometry.


found the solution by chance. Explode the pipework and it looses its intelligent Cadworx data and reverts to a solid which is visible in Sketchup.