CAD to 3D Workflow - Method 2 - 10. Block Swap

Can someone explain how the elements from this above mentioned tutorial were multiplied and correctly placed into the model. Also where were the elements created i.e AutoCAD or components in SKU?

If you can clarify what you mean by ‘elements’, that would help as everything in the model could be considered an element. To try to answer your question, all of the 2D linework, including blocks such as the doors…were drafted or drawn in AutoCAD. The 3D door components were modeled in SketchUp.

Once drawn once and made into blocks, the doors, desks, etc blocks were then copied and placed individually in AutoCAD.

Did that answer your questions?

I understand the AutoCAD clarification thank you.

By elements I was referring all furnishings, doors, and windows to be placed within the 3D Model inside SKU.

With regards to the 3D door components, in the tutorial there was one desk, one office chair and one of every other element that was placed into the model. I wanted to know the following: When the first door was placed how were multiple doors placed at the same time, same question applies to the desks, chairs etc.

Is there a shortcut that can be applied to carry out the same action?

I see now. The doors, chairs and desks that came in from CAD were ‘Blocks.’ - essentially the same as a component in SketchUp in that if you edit one, it edits all of them. The term ‘block swap’ was coined to ‘swap’ the 2D block linework with the 3D component geometry. All you have to do is copy the 3D SU component…then go inside of the 2D cad block, paste it and rotate/move into place. Since you’re inside of a block, now a component in SU…it edits all of them at once. Make sense?

Honestly, I’m not so sure I do understand but let me try to wrap my head around this… Do you mean clicking on the drawing outline of the 2D linework brought in from AutoCAD? Than paste the 3D component on top of it?

Yes, get into the block/component that is a line, being inside you can paste or model any element for example if you get into a door block there you paste a 3D door or model one by yourself, all the blocks/components will be affected hence you’ll have 3D doors on all
The places where you had 2D door blocks.

Awesome, thanks so much :slight_smile: