Buggy Behaviors with (Ruby) UI class

I have issues with the UI.inputbox. This is straight forward problem and can easily be reproduced. If you have multiple prompt options on your input box, and you attempt to use TAB key to navigate the options, the tab moves through the prompts in the reverse direction. This is confusing to the user, as generally we read prompts from top down.

If this could be fixed in the next release I would be really grateful.

Yes this has been known and reported (along with other UI::Inputbox bugs.)
(They seem to think it low priority, as they often suggest creating a html dialog interface when UI::Inputbox bugs are brought up.)

Likely too late for the upcoming release. Issues to fix are chosen many months in advance of release time.

Also the proper place to log API issues is the SketchUp API Issue Tracker at GitHub …

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