BUG - Switch Bug & How To Reproduce:

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I discovered how to reproduce the switch bug. Follow these steps:

When all three end switches highlight and display the geometry on the screen, toggle off one of the parts (e.g., I toggled off “Part 2” but I’m sure toggling any part off or on would work the same). This action will cause a crash that won’t be visible, but the on-screen buttons will still work. Now, attempt to highlight any geometry, and you’ll notice that it won’t appear in the modeling window anymore. Additionally, you should not be able to save the file or perform other actions.

To test and reproduce, open this example graph link below:


Here are some additional notes on reproducing this issue:

When you have multiple switches linked together and you try breaking all connections to one of the switches. Then, you attempt to create a new switch (not from an initial geometry connection but by pulling the white gradient out of a node). Next, connect the switches back to the disconnected one and the new one created. Doing this should also trigger the bug.

See attached screenshot in how I had the orientation of my screen if that helps to reproduce. The bug was produced by no previous actions, simply opening the graph up and following the instructions above should reproduce this crash. Please try this and confirm back to this post if you see the same issues. Thanks!

In the SWITCH nodes order of connections made at the input of the nodes must be taken into account!
I connect the 1st option first then the second, otherwise we get unexpected results.
By hovering over the white junction upstream of the swith you can see the junction index number

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I am aware of the sequencing of the switches. The purpose of the post is just to report the crash I get (the webpage doesn’t crash, doing certain things does as mentioned in the post).

Hi, thanks for brining this up!

This is a known bug with the switch node, and is something we are looking into.

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