Black Jagged Edges When Rendering Large File in Layout



I keep having an issue when working with a large file (46mb) where layout won’t render the edges.
It creates black jagged edges. I’ve attempted to change the rendering to hybrid or vector, but the render time jumps up to 20-30 min and doesn’t resolve the issue.
Im using sketchup pro 2017, I have hardware acceleration turned on.
Has anyone experienced this or found a way to fix it? I’ve experienced this problem with files as small as 15mb.

i’m running:
sketchup pro/layout 2017
macbook pro 2016 - sierra 10.12.15


It is a known issue that affects SketchUp 2017 on the Mac. It should correct itself if you change your SketchUp scene background to non-transparent or non-white (0.1% grey, for instance)


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