Big example w/many scenes that doesn't have licensing issues?

I’m developing an in-house plug-in exporter, and using that data in some custom applications we’re writing.

Since the models that we build are in-house and can’t be shared easily, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a big SketchUp model that uses components and has some interesting scenes/cameras in it that I could use for debugging my workflow. The reason is that as I find bugs in the native platforms (i.e. MacOS and iOS) I’d like to be able to log bugs either with Trimble or Apple, and be able to share a complex example that demonstrates the problem.

It’s not clear to me how to search on 3D Warehouse for these criteria (i.e. uses components, has scenes, has licensing that allows for business use (i.e. not reselling it, but using it for work).

Thanks for any pointers, either on how to find such a model or a direct pointer to one.

@ChrisFullmer, @bradaskins, @Tommy - can you think of any test models we have in house that might be useful here?

We’re on it. <Post must be at least 20 characters>

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