Barley Twist help wanted

Hi, Can anyone give me any help in how I can do a Barley Twist on a straight rod…or point me in the direction of where to learn to do one…thanks…I’m using SketchUp Pro with windows 10

Like this?

There’s a tutorial on it in this.


I was just reading this a few hours ago! Great book, Dave!

Thank you, sir.

Was it you I sent it to?

Excellent…thank you

You’re quite welcome.

You sent me a copy a few weeks ago… just got a chance to read it today. Thank you, again!

Oh, good. I was wondering who I sent it to, there. :smiley:
You’re very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to look at it, too.

I like the rendering info it provides… it took me forever to find info for Kerkythea. What you provide for it Dave is a big help. Hell every you provide is a big help!!

Fynger if you ever get around to rendering it or other projects. This may help get moving with Kerkythea. It is a re-write of the 2008~09 instructional PDF. It walks through the set-up and basics that you need to get started.


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I have built a model of Ilkeston Market place ( a town near me ) - the Twist is the center stem of the water fountain in the Marketplace - I don’t intend on rendering it as the model slows my computer down as its got bigger anyway…I just wanted to dram the fountain a little more accurately .

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Very good. That’s an energetic project.

Lots of geometry just in the fountain.

I have built the Full Market place in the year 1855 ( no fountain then…lol )…now I’m updating it to 1929…Ive built Models of other areas around Nottingham…they are just areas that have some meaning to me and Ive done walkthroughs to put on various facebook groups that I’m a member on…The Fountain is such a small part of the model but needs to be reasonably detailed for when its close up in shots.

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In the tutorial I showed exploding the separate twists to make a single, cohesive lump of geometry. That is important when applying a texture like the pine I used. In the case of your fountain, I would make a component of the single spiral, rotate copy to make the other starts and just hide the edges. Leave them as components. That would help to keep overall file size down and you might find some improvement in performance as you are navigating through the model.

In the tutorial I showed ???..i didn’t see one…just an advert for a book ??..and you’ve lost me with all the tech talk…lol…I tend to “bodge” my way though things and make them "look OK "…its not let be down up to now.

Oh. The link I provided was to an eBook that contains the tutorial. I thought you’d gotten the book based on your reply to my first post and that you’d already drawn the barley twist.

No I haven’t, I’ve done the base of the fountain ( apart from the cherubs ) and was just wondering how to twist the main shaft to the top…my way would be to just draw a spiral line running up a tube…but was hopeing to add a little more shaping.

Here’s the 1855 model…my other walkthoughs are on my YouTube channel as well…you’ll see how I do my Models…


Well I got my twisted pole done…had to invent it the long way round but came out looking ok for me…

Here’s a still pic of it now its finished… good enough for what I need it for…


Well done

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