Azimuth Calculation

I am searching ways how to calculate azimuth angle after we geolocation. I know for solar applications we must measure the angle from the South to the face of our solar panels. Any suggestions?

you are using sketchup for web, right ?
Once you add location, and grab an area, north will be along the green axe.
you can measure any angle with the protractor tool.
click on the tape tool (third tool starting from bottom on the left) and pick the protractor tool.


in this gif I am measuring angle from south.
It is an example, but you can go faster (without having to draw the perendicular), placing your protractor on the angle of the solar panel, start with red axe as a reference (EAST) and measure till the other angle of the panel/ensemble of panels.

That would be the same value.

yeah web based vesion. Thanks for the answer