Assign material to a component instance or group

Hi, when dropping a material on a component instance, will it apply/set it to every Face inside or just to the instance.material member ?

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It applies only to the instance as a whole. Individual entities in the component definition’s entities collection will still have nil material.

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So the Faces that have nil will use that instance material, and those who already have a material will continue to use theirs. Yeah, thanks :slight_smile:

Btw, it seems if I assign a brick texture to a box instance, in SU you can see proper bricks tiled ok, but the Face-s do not have proper UV generated yet. Only when I assign material per face, the face gets new UVs based on the material applied :slight_smile:

Yes. Materials only get uv when assigned to faces, not to the component instance wrapper.

Yep, this will slightly complicate my exporter :D, thanks for confirmation.

So how come the texture looks ok on the instanced component if the Faces inside the definition do not have proper UVs ? or are they using the instance material tiling to multiply with those definition UVs (0-1 range default)

How do I compute the tiling factors from material.texture.width and height? to be multiplied with the existing Face UVs

Seems that the Face UVs are garbage if no material assigned on them specifically, so SU maybe its doing on the fly UV generation for each instance or something.