Artisan 2 smooth brush restricted


a little history open for comment on a better way…
a) imported the geolocated terrain first ,
b) then in an separate file i used toposhaper to make the terrain from the surveyors contours,
c) then copy and pasted them into the same file as the geolocated file.
d)Then lowered the toposhaper terrain as close as possible to the geolocated terrain and adjusted with mesh as needed.
e)then I selected , copied, and pasted in place a rectangle from the geolocated file, moved it up, flattened it with vertex tools, Quadded, added mesh rings/loops with quad face for more detail, and painted it orange
f) then I used align ends to drop it back over the geolocated terrain and the toposhaper terrain.

THE CURRENT PROBLEM :crazy_face: now im at the point of trying out the artisan extension to smooth… I downloaded the trial of artisan2, but it won’t let me use the brush. attached is what it looks like. overall I’m exited to play with this extension because I will be adding graded roads and pads on to the surveyors terrain area. it seems like maybe it has to do with the mesh style? I heard that artisan prefers triangulated mesh. if I have quads that have diagonals across them that should work, no?

working file:feb13dc~.skp - Google Drive