Apple Metal Support, aka. the end of OpenGL


The development of technology does not stop.

Apple had already announced some time ago that OpenGL
no longer to be supported.

Has Trimble made any statement as to how far Sketchup
will support Apple’s Metal?

It could be that with macOS 10.16 OpenGL will no longer run.
What about Sketchup then?

Vectorworks has recently announced with the new version
to support Apple’s Metal in autumn, which is a reaction to
Apple’s advance notice is. The Vectorworks developers’ statement
was that you get a significant performance boost with metal.

I think everyone can use performance, especially the Mac people.

Maybe one of you is better informed, or maybe you can find a
Sketchup developers have their say.

It would be nice to hear something about it.

Best regards and stay healthy.


It would be truly awful if I woke up one day to find I could no longer run SU. I am hoping the outlook is not as bleak as that though.

Like many companies (especially publicly traded ones following US law), Trimble cannot make public statements about what they might do, only once they are sure they can deliver (release) it.

In CAD and engineering, OpenGL was very successfull and is well established. Regarding their popularity in the design and media business, it would be risky for Apple not to make a clear, early statement from their side.

I would not be too worried, because it’s not a decision of either-or (support Metal or Vulkan or both), but there are different shades of gray in between. And I am sure SketchUp engineers have been following technological developments for a long time.

I am going back to High Sierra. It all works, including CUDA

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