Anyone using Elecrtonic submittal & review (EPIC) to Building dept

Hey gang anyone out in SketchUp land submitting your condoc’s using the EPIC system some county’s are using? I was reading some of our county’s requirements & they want all drawing to be in black & white, which is a bummer since I’ve already modeled in color. I guess I’ll have to change my Style to B&W but then the raster material will not show up in Layout.
Any ideas would be appreciated


it seems like they’re trying to stop building in Hawai’i… reading the FAQ… yikes. apparently you need to submit electronically, AND deliver 2 sets of plans on paper… didn’t see anything in the online site about B&W only, but perhaps setting to B&W + vector in LO will work? i use a straight line style or my own B&W construction doc style. sometimes wireframe if i don’t have a lot of stuff stacked.