Anyone know what happened to Kubity

Does anyone know if Kubity still exists?

Links to old models still work but there is no way to upload new models

Have reached out multiple times to Kubity over the last month with no response

well their website is a 404 so… they closed maybe ?
same for the editor

however the help page is still there

I’m gonna bet it’s closed. either they got bought by a bigger fish, or it just died.

also, please, no need to create a second thread, especially in the same category, we see all posts, the reason why nobody answered the first time is that… nobody knows. :wink:

I imagine they folded or were bought out because sketchup has finally brought in a native Revit importer on the pro licence.

Then the sketchup veiwer app works just like kubity did.

I think they were a startup - they ran out of money a couple of years ago and were seeking new investors.

I guess the well is dry now.

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Kubity as a business is apparently still operating, though they are listed as having no employees and have “downsized” from two business addresses to one… still in a posh bit of Paris though.

So, yes, in all probability their cash dried up.

it’s even worse than that, after moving in 2021, they started a liquidation procedure in 2022

so, a juge is /will work on who gets paid and who doesn’t.

I think it’s safe to say their product is dead now.


Yes, sadly another one bites the dust. Seems like this is an all too frequent occurrence in French-Tech, a marvelous idea comes to fruition (often before it’s time) & then somehow just stagnates or gets overtaken by the competition…

Hey there ! I’m a former employee at Kubity, I was looking if the app was still up to show someone, and randomly found this post, so I guess I’ll give some closure for whoever wants to know in the future.

So anyway yep, as linked earlier, the company’s dead. It “closed” around 2021 essentially. I put “closed” in quotes because the app was basically kept on life support by one dev doing the minimum required updates for the app stores until 2023 I believe, the servers were also kept up until earlier this year when everything went 404. The apps are not maintained anymore, they most likely still work if you have models downloaded already but it’s only a matter of time before an OS update breaks them, or they get removed from stores because they’re not being updated.

AFAIK employees who stayed until the end didn’t suffer too much from the closure, people got paid what they were due. It was just a bit of a “silent death” from the users’ side. Also I think the parent company (which is not a tech company at all basically) is still alive. From the start Kubity was the pet project of someone who already had another succesful company, but didn’t know much about tech. So they used money from their other company to fund it, got talented people to work on it, didn’t know how to sell it, and eventually abandoned it when they didn’t know what to do with it.

It is indeed safe to say the product is dead. And despite how I may sound, it was a really nice place to work at while it lasted !