Any plugins that do Camera Path (Sketchup Pro 2020)

Hello all,

I was trying to find a plugin that will allow me to create a camera path and ideally subject to track, but it seems that the old ones are no longer compatible with SU 2020.

I can do it the ‘old fashioned way’, by dropping camera positions on a line, but just wondered if there was an easier way.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks!


did you try them or just reading the advice notice?

ignoring the note, which ones actually fail when tried…

they may be fixable…


The compatibility list is set by the extension author, not by SketchUp or the EW. Depending on how actively they are supporting the extension, it may be quite a while after release of a new SketchUp version before an author gets around to updating the compatibility. For very old extensions they may have moved on and never update it… As @john_drivenupthewall suggested, try it and see if it works or fails. If it fails, contact the author to see if they can fix it. If you get no response, ask here. The failure may be due to SketchUp using a newer version of Ruby, in which case a fix is usually easy.

It’s also worth noting that Extension Warehouse 2.0 makes it quite a bit more cumbersome to mark extensions as compatible. I have decided not to go over all my extensions and mark them as compatible until this has been improved.