Alisasing in Renderigns


First of all, I am French so I am not sure that I will explain correctly the problem I have with all my renderigns what we call: the alisasing. All my lines in my renderings show this problem. I just want to know how to resolve it. If you please.
Thank you


Try the following:

Export to 2D Graphic, then select the “options” tab, there you would set up your export options, you can select the Anti-alias and the DPI resolution, is recommended to uncheck the Use View Size since it limits your render to the screen size, it all depends on the size of the file you want to be, here a screen shot to illustrate it:


Hi, thanks for your reply. I shoud have been clearer in my explanations.
The alisasing in present with my renderings without or with exporting or
importing images. Do we call it alisasing in these cases then? I don’t know
My lines are never clean and straight, is it usual, is it normal?
See the enclosed document.
I am so anxious to have an answer to this problem.
Thank you

Marie-Josée Giguère
819 355-4410


Hello there Marie, I can’t see the document but I can guess what is your problem, maybe if you are seeing some kind of jagged your lines in your monitor, this can be a resolution adjustment on it, if you export your image as the example I have sent you before and see the lines straight and well defined, then is the resolution adjustment to your PC screen, don’t worry as the important thing in my opinion is the resolution your file have when it be saved.

Now to adjust the monitor screen is something that it will depend on your type of PC, it is a Windows or Mac?