AI imaging replaces current (and desired) colors and textures

Cool feature, but it replaces existing (and desired) colors and textures. It would be incredible if it would leave those things alone and just add the background and additional pieces (such as shoppers/people). Additionally, I’ve built signs into my drawing, but the tool reinterprets the text and spits out gibberish.
Exciting future, but unusable currently.


It would be helpful if you could identify portions of the image that are usable, and identify areas to rework. I had one part of my model that the system insisted on ignoring, or radically altering. This feature has a lot of potential, but is unusable without having better control of the materials. An additional slider to define material fidelity in addition to model fidelity may help solve this.


There are improvements happening. @Aristodimos should be able to let you know when updated versions are ready.

Hi all,
This is a known issue that the team is currently trying to address. I will give everyone an update once we have make some progress.
Thank you all for your patience.

One thing that might be useful until the issue is sorted out would be to turn off the Foreground Photo in the style. Here’s a quick example. The model as set up without any background:

After Diffusion:

And with the foreground photo turned off.

Software doesn’t take into account delegated or selected materials or textures but also sometimes worps existing profiles e.g decking I created turned into swaying lines, I use this for strictly architectural based designing and it adds geometries but other than this the render would look good. Also to be able to recreate same render styles in different “scenes” like a copy and paste almost