Adding solar panel to existing building from google geo location


Dear all.

Here what i am trying to do. Think that i have building in XX address . I add the location using model info. Now i wanna see the grab area should be viewed in 3D . I wanted to insert solar panel on top building. I don’t want to add separate building. The existing building with roof need to replace with solar panel.

Question are

  1. How to view the existing building in 3D.
  2. How the origin must aligned.

Address: berkeley ,CA . as mentioned in video. But after grab i cant see in 3D it show me in parallel to surface… How can make grab building in 3D & place panel over it.
i follow below process

2D image adding


Have you searched 3D Warehouse for a 3D model of your building? There may not be one that exists since Google now just gets a 3D interpretation of the landscape through imagery.



placement of panel
i would like to be placemenet like in this system. Is possible todo on sketchup 3D. provided these building add from google geo location


The building in the video in your first post is simply a 2d raster image from Google Earth.There is no 3d building to download, unless as Alex states there is one in the 3D Warehouse but this is unlikely unless you are very lucky.

You will more likely have to model it yourself including the solar panels. You can though do a search in the 3d Warehouse for pre-modeled solar panels to add to the building once you have modeled it.


The reason I mentioning because. The building we grab from geo location . if we grab the paricular building the building specific dimension. if 3D model we can easily rotate & place panel.

if place is empty i could used the 3D building model & place panel over it. My question is SInce building already exist in the location can we place panel 3D model. Adding panel has no issue. but represent 3D is important


You seem to be missing the point. Google earth is made from 2D satellite pictures plus terrain height. There will not be a 3D building unless someone has created a model and placed it there. And since Google sold SketchUp to Trimble, they lost interest in populating this sort of 3D models.


That means we need to create our own 3D model. Suppose i got one building mentioned in youtube link say

Berkely , CA, is there any tool to measure the actual(approximate ) Size of building.

Is there any method to replicate same building in Side views & top views.

Or any other tool avilable which give us the Direct 3D modeling view.