Adding edges using the C API (and GeometryInputRef)


In the C API documentation for SUEntitiesAddEdges, it states the following:

Adds edge objects to an entities object.
NOTE: This function does not merge geometry, which will likely create an invalid SketchUp model. It is recommended to use SUGeometryInput instead which does correctly merge geometry.

So, following that advice, I check through the documentation for GeometryInputRef, and all I can see are ways to create faces (through LoopInputRef). I cannot find a SUGeometryInputAddEdge() function. Am I missing something here?

Is there any way to add merged edges through the C API?


Hmm… the docs on the web seems to be out of date. I’ll look into that.

But look at the documentation in the SDK package, you will find SUGeometryInputAddEdge.


Oh, goodie. Happier now. I was working with the 2016 package until now. All is well.


We’ve also updated the online documentation, thanks!