Add location & Map


  1. Is it possible to add location using Geographic coordinate?

  2. Is Digital Globe Map in Sketchup updated?


Did you try it?

Since when? Whatever data you get will be the most recent.

Hi DaveR,

  1. Yes, I tried it.
    I tried first with decimals e.g -8.637, 126.4852 (Lat, Long)
    and next also e.g. 8d38’13", 125d,30’,23.69"

  2. We are doing a road construction that i can see it on Google Earth but not in Digital Globe.
    The satellite image in Google Earth was taken in 2016.


Did it work?

So that answers your second question at least for the area you are looking at.

Please retry. We’ve updated - not imagery, but searching via lat / long.

Hi Barry,

Yes, it works.

Thank you.


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