Add_face using edges, returns "Edge has different parent"

dear all

I have a confusion when creating the face.

wall_edges = []
gp.entities.each{ |item|
next unless item.is_a?(Sketchup::Edge);

    ents = Sketchup::active_model.entities;
    gp = ents.add_group;      
    fc = gp.entities.add_face(wall_edges);

the exception is thrown, indicated that “Edge has different parent”

what’s going on? anyone can afford help, please?

thanks a lot

did you see this post?

the method add_faces does not accept an edge array…


yes, but I didn’t catch the point

and the Document said, edge array is acceptable.

the point is the documents contain many errors or omissions and this is one of them…

you need to use a different method…


I catch the point now.

the failure of merging the vertices cause the problem.

I am not English native speaker, sometime it’s difficult for me to understand.


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