Adapting construction lines

Actually, Guide lines are real lines, not Edges. They are infinite in length.

Edit: and they can’t have a material attached to them.

A guide is something else.
SketchUp geometry is made of Edges and Faces, nothing more nothing less.
Both edges and faces can be materials,

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Going briefly off topic, this has been one of my longest standing objections to SketchUp terminology. The Tool you use to create an EDGE is called the LINE tool. It doesn’t help people when the app itself mixes words inconsistently!


What about having a simple context-click option to lock selected guides, which would exempt them from ‘Delete Guides’?

This would be especially handy for primary grids and levels, which I would then put on their own layers.

Until now I have been laying down guides, then drawing lines for the grid and assigning them to a grid layer. (as Dave R suggests). But it is an extra step and I prefer using guides to lines when I can.

A ‘Lock Guide’ option would be an intuitive solution and wouldn’t add complication to the UI, just more flexibility and utility.

I personally almost never use guides. For me, why produce an infinite dotted line when an appropriate edge and endpoint will work without cluttering up the workspace.
Use the pencil to ‘draw’ an edge to a specific point and you have an inference point, what else do you need.

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I think you did.and its a good idea/FR to be able to delete guides say

  • all (as it is now)
  • just a selection (as it is now)
  • per context (not available)
  • all but protected ones (not available now)

Protection could (should be done) by assigning a protection attribute to specific guides that you want to keep at all times, as you go. Delete all or a selection would then still protect them.

Delete guides can be too drastic as it is now.

I agree with you and I also don’t use them that much. Whenever I do and want to keep them a bit longer I prefere the finite construction lines created from converted edges. At least you’ll still see the model itself.

Or you can use straight 3D-Polylines. But they are quite difficult to handle.
They have the advantage of taking different colors.
But they are not seen by the inference engine though!

@slbaumgartner It took me a few moments to work out what you did there. Changing the edge colour using Entity Info is easy but it doesn’t show up unless you have By Materials selected in the Style dialog box.

This was really helpful. I am not sure I would stop using construction lines (it’s hard to break the habit of a lifetime!) but the ability to change the appearance of a line (sorry, 'edge") is very handy indeed. :grinning:

There’s no way to protect Guides and Guide Points.
Whether they’re visible or not … Edit > Delete Guides is global.

TIG’s plugin enables you to filter which Guides and/or Guide Points you want to delete.

Construction Line Delete via Context v2.0 by TIG

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@Geo Have downloaded that plugin and am getting to grips with it. I agree that it does go some way to providing what I want as it allows you to transfer selected construction lines to a dedicated CLINE layer (which it creates for you if it doesn’t already exist). If you then turn off that layer, Select All and then use the app just to delete the construction lines visible, it does that, leaving the ones on the CLINE layer untouched.

Certainly a useful workaround. Thanks.

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As DaveR suggested earlier, use the line tool for the centre lines you wish to retain; grouped and put on a separate layer. Create a duplicate of any scenes in which the lines will appear but only have the lines visible i.e all other geometry hidden. In Layout overlay the main scene viewport with a duplicate viewport showing the ‘lines only’ scene. Explode this and convert the lines to whatever style, colour or line-weight you require.

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I copy them and use paste in place when I only want to keep a few.

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The one thing I haven’t seen mentioned, is that if you create a guide within a group, and you have guides outside the group, delete all guides when you’re editing the group only deletes all the guides within the group. So if you started with the enduring guides you want to keep, and then created everything else within groups, you could avoid deleting them.

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There are a lot of good solutions here, so this isn’t a solution so much as a tip, that guide lines can be made a different color, or a lighter color, in Styles/Edit/Modeling settings (the last box tab). I like to make my dimensions and guides a different color to help make them pop for individual drawings, especially one with a grid. Or I like they grayer, to deemphasize them.

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Good idea. That’s what I do using a short line. It sits there unobtrusively until I need the guide, then I just double click on the mid point.

Yes. This is a useful but potentially confusing and often overlooked aspect of how Edit->Delete Guides works.

It starts at the currently open edit context (model, group, or component) and deletes all guides in that context plus those in any groups or components nested in that context, recursively to any depth. So, if you are editing at the model level, the command will delete all guides everywhere. If you have a group open for edit, it will delete all the guides in that group and anything nested in it. If you have a component open for edit, it will delete all the guides in all instances of that component and everything nested in them.

I like the Construction Line plugin for when I want to put some guide lines into a layout. You lose most of the inferences (ends and center) for the line but intersections still work.

Actually, there would be at least two of us who want this frature. This topic is one of the biggest reasons i left SU for about 4 years. I was trained on autocad for 2 years at school and when i tried SU for 2d drawings(i know i know, wrong app for my purpose. SU was not inteded for 2d like AC is) however, having used inventor and can still trim me lines down to what i want and change the style of them very quickly is oh so nice:) its like the difference between crisco and butter:) i have tried to use regular lines as center lines for holes but i liked me dashed lines and changing weights of the lines in a fast second is great. Same with color. Ok, now you can let the flames roar on haha

Gents, There seems to be a diversified opinion on use of guide lines and what is expected when “delete guides” is activated.

I read a post (simoncbevans I feel your anguish) about a “context-click” to lock selected guides and if there is a straw poll ever taken,
I vote :+1: YES :+1: for that option…
however, having said that, there should also be a simple way of deleting those locked guide lines quickly… after all that was why “delete guides” was probably included.

I feel it breaks the logic of SketchUp though if you can delete something that is locked. Because of this I only use guides as temporary lines - developing an overhang, measuring out rafter or grid spacings, developing intersections on compound roof framing, etc etc.

What I’d like to see -

Delete Guides does just that, deletes them.

Unless they are in a locked group / component. Then the software would behave the way logic (tells me) it should work.