Activating House Builder within Sketchup 2016

Hello everyone, I am new to Sketchup. I got involved with Sketchup to help with a home project, a simple one, a chicken coop for my wife. Initially I am thinking 4foot by 6 foot screened in cage. However reality soon set in and I discovered that this project would become very time consuming. the coop grew to 16’ x 12’ with a shed attached and two gardens 24’ x 12’ attached on east and west side. with wire fencing located underground and surrounding with netting to protect from Eagles and Hawks. Of course we had to install electric and water. This would not be too much for the exception that the township in which we reside demands site plans, and architectural drawings, and inspection.
I saw a very nice drawing on YouTube. I attempted to download House Builder from Ruby Library Depot. I read many help tips but still cannot get the plug in to work! Any one have experience with this?

Rich D

The version offered in the Ruby Library Depot is out of date. You can get the updated version from Sketchucation. Here’s the link to start with: