ACT scenes don’t reflect focal length in Layout

Hi all, new user on the latest trial of SU Pro as of today.

I have some Advanced Camera Tools scenes set up in my SU file and these display in SU as expected with the desired focal length.

However when inserting these into a Layout document it seems that whilst the camera position of the ACT scene/camera is respected, the focal length is not. I can see the aspect ratio guides in Layout too so it must have some understanding that the ACT view is “special” but for whatever reason the focal length defaults back to a very wide one.

Any ideas?

EDIT: I’ve noticed there is a “Camera_FOV_lines” and “Camera_FOV_Volume” tag on the viewport settings in Layout, if I toggle these on I can see the outline of the frame I want, but I can’t work out how to zoom the viewport in to match that exactly (or at all… if I try and edit the 3D view in Layout I seem to only be able to move the camera physically, not zoom it…)