9 Worst Beginner Mistakes (According to the Experts)

Hey, just wanted to share a project that we’ve been working on in collaboration with some well-known experts in the community including Aaron Dietzen, Dave Richards, Justin Geis, Matt Donley, and more.

It’s a free PDF e-book called:
10 SketchUp Masters Reveal the 9 Worst Beginner Mistakes that Kill your Productivity

You can get here:

To get access, we do ask that you provide your name / email, which we will use to send you some additional free useful SketchUp tutorials, tips, and special offers for our extensions (you can unsubscribe anytime)

Curious to know what people think of the book…let me know below. Hope its useful!



Yes those do look like common rookie errors!

Interesting to finally see what @DaveR looks like. I thought he’d be more like Moses. Or even Methuselah!


Moses or Methuselah? Well, thanks a lot! :crazy_face:


You’re right, I got the wrong Biblical characters. Should have been Solomon.


Hey, his name is David.

This must be more like it.

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Oh no. At least he keeps up his pants! (I do hope)

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Simon, I’ll take that as a huge compliment. Thank you.

@pbacot I’ve never been accused of looking like that! My wife would roll on the floor in laughter if anyone suggested I did.

@Wo3Dan, have no fear. And this time of year I’ve already been wearing my flannel lined pants.