3d warehouse diversion!


I just came to upload a model to 3D Warehouse from my Model Page, only to be diverted to the 3D Warehouse Opening Website Page. Restarted Browser, Restarted Machine, Logged-In again, but still the same.


I have the same problem, go to this link :


It still takes me back to the 3D Warehouse Home Page Staff Pick Models, etc.


copy paste the link here

try this on chrome,that work for me


With this


RedC130 - You’re a Star! - IT WORKED! - I’m up against a deadline too! - Seems as though Trimble decided to fix something that wasn’t broken!


Glad it worked, save this link somewhere if this problem persists :wink:


I saved it straight away, and locked the file!


What version of SketchUp are you using?


2016 Make


But, uploading direct from Browser NOT from SketchUP!


A number of SU 2016 users have reported this and it seems to be related to IE or Safari needing to be updated.


Crossed posts.



As I said, I am not Uploading from SketchUP 16, so we can rule that out. I do not use IE or Safari either. Attempts made from Machine 1 using Google Chrome and Machine 2 using Safe Zone. My Landline Telephone Tablet (Onboard Android Browser) can still access the Upload Function, but is not a practical solution - Everything was fine until yesterday.


Are you still seeing this issue? Can you post a screenshot of what you see right after you click the ‘Upload’ button? You would be redirected to the home page, but an upload process should open: