3D Viewer loads much slower with my.sketchup than it did with 3dwarehouse

I’m very excited that the 3D Viewer has been moved to my.sketchup.com. However the viewer now loads substantially slower on my browser (Chrome on OS X) and actually grinds the javascript to a standstill for several seconds while loading, to the point that the browser is unresponsive for a time.

Would it be possible for you to compare the loading on the old 3dwarehouse.com version with my.sketchup.com and diagnose why it is so much slower? Another minor annoyance is that large models show a blank Sketchup canvas for serveral seconds between showing the loading screen and actually loading the model. The loading screen needs to remain in view until the model is fully ready, as before.


Thanks for the feedback- we’re monitoring performance closely and looking for way we can improve it. As is often the case, performance tuning comes gradually over time as we learn how the system is actually performing in its real production environment.


Thanks John, that’s what I expected. I just wanted to be sure you were aware of it.