3D Rendering Tips needed

I’m away from home until this evening. I will try out the 360 tour on Apple Vision Pro and Quest Pro later!

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Woah that is awesome man. I have yet to try on a any of the VR or AR goggle myself. Would love the feedback man thanks.

I already tried the site on my iPhone, the interface does have a VR option, and if you switch that to landscape you then get stereoscopic. Pretty sure that will work with Quest, I’m not sure about Vision Pro.

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looks nice, I like how you fully embraced the redness of their logo, it changes from the cold tones that seems to be the trend.


I assume that’s the main door right ? :smiley:

(I looked for some time, wondering how to escape)

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That is good to know, hopefully one day I can try it out and test it myself. Thank you man.

Oh no no the design isnt by me. I will pass that along to the designer. Thank you though.

Also YEA HAHAHAHA, Thats the main entrance. I didnt want to model the lobby as I do not know what it looks like.

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Hey new render coming in, give me your take guys. All your comments are always helpful to me as I try and grow in this industry.

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