3D print rigging for model sailboats

All of the rigging for sailboats must be 3D, not just a line to be printable, is that right? If so, how can I draw a 3D line representing the rigging for the sailboat?

Albert Drybrae

If you want the rigging to print then yes it will need volume. Standing rigging lines would need to be a cylinder for example. I often draw rigging using the extension pipe along path. The challenge I see here is that to make a decent 3D print that will work the rigging lines will need to be disproportionately thick and look odd. I think if I was doing this I would print the hull and mast then add the rigging after using string. I suppose you could use raw filament and spot melt it in place for the rigging to give the print a monolithic look in color and material if that’s what you are going for.

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Or maybe use 20lb test fishline for the rigging

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