3D Print for valentine's day



What Ideas do you have to 3D print for Valentine’s Day?



Something like this?


I would love to make one for you.
what kind on partner u will be using?


Valentine Amy1.skp (194.4 KB)

I made this one using Sketchup hope you like it :smiley: and here is another idea gift
& Happy Valentine


As suggested by @Box in another topic, you shouldn’t try to implement that makeprintable thing in nearly every post…


For past Valentine’s Days, I’ve made this heart-shaped box which can hold a ring or other trinket:

A couple of years ago I made this and had it printed in sterling silver by Shapeways:


Woow!! that’s brilliant :smile:
Im still amateur user of SketchUp. I wish if I saw it before I made this simple Souvenir. Haha


Here’s my contribution this year: