3D modeling - (75-150€ for 2 weeks fulltime)

Hello guys, I’m reposting this job offer from a friend of mine:


Workload: 2 weeks fulltime.
Field: 3d modeling (not render) for substance painter.
Subject: airport terminals and hangars


  • Living in Venezuela is a must
  • Good at english
  • Discord on PC/Mac
  • Curviloft or alternative (SU extension)
  • Good at adding details
  • SketchUp or blender or 3dsmax

Payment (for 2 weeks) conversions:

  • Sovereign Bolivar: 1074-2148 VES
  • Reais: R$ 414-828
  • Dollars: $ 79-158
  • Euros: 75-150 €

Via: Paypal

Contact (discord): Baku#9421

PS: Contact him directly! I’m not much active here currently.


didn’t see it. dm me if u want @tweenulzeven
did u mean my post is deleted? its showing for me.
oh got it lol. thats ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Per hour?

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I was wondering the same, then I checked the monthly rate in venezuela and… oh wow. inflation hit hard.
And 75-150€ isn’t that bad there apparently.

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@ateliernab @ateliernab sorry guys I should have made that clear.
75-150€ for 2 weeks so 37.5-75€ per week (just to make sure).

I’ll put it on the description, thanks :v:

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We’re a bit Surprised, Anssi is in Finland, I’m in france, cost of life is way higher here in europe.

When I do 3d for architecture offices, I charge 50€/hour, when I teach it’s 300/day, and it’s a pretty normal rate here. Off course, rent, groceries and other things are also way higher.

So without any reference, you understand why it felt like a low number. But then looking at the cost of life in Venezuela, I get it.


I am not so sure. Something like 4000€ per year is not much for a professional, if you have to substract software, hardware, internet, rent, insurance etc. These don’t vary as much as salaries. Usually, here, corporates sell their services at 2…3 times the rate they pay their employees.

totally makes sense, ateliernab…
the life cost and work price saddly varies too much from regions.

I live in Brazil, wich is far better than venezuela, and I would still take the job. (except I’m busy at internship)

its actually pretty common thing in the way we live in. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
we dont rlly bother paying low prices at clotches/electronics from china/india/malasya on shopee/ali express…
but when we take it to the worker view the exploitation gets clear.

just a normal day at money based economy :man_shrugging: haha

the important thing is not scamming I guess, make conditions clear and follow them.

I guess what’s weird in this case is the salary advertised in euros. For ANYONE using euros, this rate would be super low, cost of life anywhere in europe is higher than Venezuela.

Since the job is in priority for Venezuelians / Brazilians, it might be better to advertise it in VES and BRL

@ Anssi, yeah, this job represents a 2000-4000€ / year rate. In a country where the average yearly salary is 300€. Just add a 0 to the average Finn salary (or French in my case), it’s not as weird then.

Yes, in this international medium you need to be very specific about the actual value of a job, otherwise you end up wasting people’s time and yours.
I looked at this originally too and assumed it was a hourly figure and if I had more time I would have responded, but I would have been wasting both our times.

Yeah ur right, Box. I’m sorry, my fault.
Its fixed now, 75-150€ for 2 weeks.

About the announced currency, Im not sure why he (the guy I’m representing) said it in euros, maybe hes from europe and didnt thought about it. Such an habit thing.
I’ll put a VES conversion on description Thanks for the suggestion.

Also I’ll let u guys know when the application is finished.
thx yall :v:

I think it is because the Bolivar is worth nothing and that it is not a exchangeable currency. And that the US dollar is not possible because relations between the two countries are tense. There remains the euro as an acceptable and exchangeable currency.

Even if it were in Brazil… even if it was in Venezuela… or Naboo… I would be ashamed to post an ad with these values, anywhere… Take care, this is contagious, in Brazil it is already endemic. Make no mistake, Brazil is not Europe, but there is still a better regulated market here. Unfortunately we have to deal with competitors who pay/charge amounts like those advertised.

@mars.skp Theres no shame to have on it.
Thats an offer, takes it who wants/needs it.

Venezuela min wage is 8,67€/month. My post is offering 18.53x that wage rate.

Its called “Exploitation” and its pretty normal in the way we live in.

  • Investors/banks watch and wait for the time right before you die from needing something bc then ur willing to pay more/get less. (they call it interest)
  • Many people buy from china/india/malasya bc its cheaper. (they call it cost-benefit)

Its the Supply & demand law and I dont see nobody cursing at those people but being jaleous of their profit instead.

About profession prostitution,
its called “Competition” and its pretty normal in the way we live in.

Companies have to compete daily on low price, quality, innovation, otherwise they fade away.

Its the Supply & demand law and I dont see nobody cursing at those companies but enjoying tech advance, quality and low prices instead.

But when we are at the worker perspective it looks that awfull, right?
When we “flip the coin” and realize who gotta sustain all that “joy”, we get scared and insulted from ourselfs. Thats the price for the way we live in!

Everyone enjoy paying less but nobody enjoy getting less.
At the same time u pay $5 for a Tshirt - your boss is telling u to be more productive to reduce costs.
Or was you expecting to stay on the “gain side” all the time?

Seems like we, humans, are hypocrite & exploiters by nature.

If you are rlly into fixing BOTH sides of this coin, lets join a philosophy/sociology topic.

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How can a workflow may need 3 different modeling programs? How does it make sense?

PD: I’m used to a workflow to do the 3d modeling in Sketchup, uv’s in blender, textures in Substance Painter.

If you are rlly into fixing BOTH sides of this coin, lets join a philosophy/sociology topic.

I don’t think it’s necessary, it would probably be a waste of time…

Another mistake of mine, such logical error, I’m sorry.

It should be “or” instead of comma “,”
Such logical error, I’m sorry.

so SketchUp or Blender or 3Dsmax (at least one of them)
its fixed now. thanks for pointing that out. :v:

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