3D Model Aggravation

Hello SU Community,

I am working on a 3D model of an ATV airbox-to-carburetor boot that is no longer in OEM production, or available via aftermarket. Google says 3D printing with TPU might work for a replacement part. I found a local business that scanned and printed one for me in TPU, but the quality was somewhat lacking:

I decided to create a 3d model to send out to online 3D print shops for a better part. It has a compound curved section, with a reduction in diameter between the ends that I have not been able to figure out.

Here is a screenshot of where I am right now in SU:

Searching here, it looked like Curviloft would get it done, but it did not – for me. It appears that it will make a skin for shapes like this, but I could not get it to maintain the required wall thickness, which is .125”/3.175 mm.

I knew that Follow Me has limitations, but as shown in the screenshot, I gave it a try from each end. I tried to scale/taper each end, but there was no joy. A search here showed as much:

Saw the use/mention there that Eneroth Auto Weld might work to do what I need, but a look at getting the free trial shows that I need to upgrade my version of SU (2017 SU Make). Looking at the animation where it was used there, I could not tell if EAW with SU scaling will address the alignment of the off-center end that needs modified.

I’m guessing someone here can show me the error in my ways…? Here’s the file:
Air Boot Rev2.skp (587.0 KB)


Why don’t you try curviloft with the inner circles?
After that use Fredo Scale to thicken the surface.

Here’s what I get in Curviloft when running the inner circles:

I tried by increasing the circle segments. The big one has 25 but the smaller one has 24. I changed to 48 to each one.
The I select the circles and curves and select the second icon in the Curviloft toolbar.
Then I extruded with Joint Push Pull.

Air Boot Rev3.skp (688.5 KB)
Air Boot Rev3_v2017.skp (1.3 MB)

Thank you for your feedback, and the file rtches!!

As is the case with most my issues in SU, they most always are attributed to operator error… :grinning:

It took a bit of time for me to be able to duplicate your steps after purchasing Joint Push Pull.

After finding more circles with 25 segments, I think that it would be best if start another model of my part from scratch.

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Sometimes is the fastest way…

I selected the second icon from the Joint Push Pull icon bar. It was the easyest part…
Notice that the curve must be in contact with both circles (there are two lines…)

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